Attorney Bio – Larry Maitland

Attorney Larry Maitland was born in the Detroit suburbs, the eldest of three brothers. Some of his family’s earliest home videos were of him, as a toddler, riding back and forth in front of his home, with his dad on his motorcycle. Larry grew up around bikes, three and four wheelers, and snowmobiles. He purchased his first bike when he was 20 years old.

He graduated from Purdue University with two bachelor’s degrees: one in Psychology and the other in Law and Society (Sociology). He achieved honors and was active in sports, student government, and various community service organizations. He then attended Southern Illinois University for law school, serving as vice-president for the school for two out of the three years he attended.

Tragically, a month after Larry graduated from law school, his brother Kevin, was killed in an automobile accident by a drunk driver. Larry witnessed first-hand the lifelong devastation an automobile accident can have on innocent drivers and their families. The legal representation Kevin’s family received after the accident lacked dedication, communication, and compassion. It was at this early point in his legal career that Larry vowed to help as many injured persons and their families through similar circumstances, with the best legal expertise and compassion an attorney could provide.

Larry’s legal career as an attorney began in northern Michigan before moving back to the metro Detroit area after several years. He honed his skills over 14 years with a larger personal injury firm. Over time, he became associated with Michigan Biker Law. In 2021, he proudly became its owner: the only Michigan law firm which solely provides legal representation to motorcyclists injured in accidents. Larry carries on Michigan Biker Law’s 30-plus-year history of specialized dedication to the biker community. Bikers Helping Bikers.

When not working, Larry enjoys spending his free time with his wife, sons, and dog. He keeps busy with riding, traveling, fishing (open-water and ice), hunting, camping, hiking, marathon running, and sports. He is also active in the community: serving as a youth sports coach and volunteering his time at various community service organizations. He makes it a point for he and his family to be giving of their time and resources with groups of our population which oftentimes are forgotten: veterans, children, and the elderly.

Larry is licensed to practice at the state and federal court levels in Michigan, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States. He is a member of the state’s top trial-lawyer organization, Michigan Association of Justice, has been active at the leadership level in various State Bar of Michigan attorney groups, and his experience and dedication have been recognized by his clients and peers over the years.

“I am proud to be part of the biker community, recreationally and professionally,” Larry says. “Even though the law unjustly treats motorcycle enthusiasts differently from automobile drivers, there is no reason injured motorcyclists should have to settle for inadequate legal representation which treats them differently than an automobile driver. These injured bikers deserve a legal team that understands the biker community and the intricacies of motorcycle law. We are not a firm that handles one or two motorcyclists claims per year, we specialize in motorcycle law and these are the ONLY cases we handle.”

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