Been There, Done That

During the riding season, I unfortunately see a great many injured bikers. Most of the time, I visit them either in the hospital, or at their homes. The reason for this is that motorcycle accidents can have very serious consequences and many times result in serious injuries.
After I discuss with the client how the accident happened, and what legal rights and remedies there are, I go, what I feel to be, the extra distance. It is very important to me that my clients get the best possible medical care. Depending on where the accident happened, and the medical facilities in the area, this is not always the case.
We have nurses available to assist the injured biker by attending their medical appointments and setting up scheduling. One of these nurses recently asked me, “Why is it that you are so involved with the medical care of your clients?” Many lawyers that I work for handle the legal end only and don’t get involved with setting up doctor appointments. What I explained to her was that, unlike most lawyers, I am a motorcycle rider. I have been riding over 30 years. In 1997, I too, was involved in a motorcycle accident that hospitalized me for 3 days and required months of physical therapy. I know what its like.
I tell my clients that the reason why I get so involved with their medical care, assisting them to see the best possible doctors, is that I have “been there, done that”. I realize that regardless of the money that you receive, the most important thing is your health. Getting back on a bike, and being able to do what you love, ride your motorcycle, is crucial. In many cases, it defines who you are. If your case is settled and your injuries are not addressed in such a way that you can ride again, it is a hollow victory.
So, if you are unfortunately involved in a motorcycle accident, and one of the first things on your mind is “will I be able to ride again?”, you need to contact me. As an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer? who also rides, I know how important it is. I will do everything possible to not only get you that settlement that you deserve, but to get you back on your bike and back on the road.
Contact me if you have been injured in an accident.