BMW Out Front On Safety

BMW has always been out front on motorcycle safety. I believe they were first with ABS brakes, then traction control, and now technology that may assist in preventing cars from turning left in front of you. Without question, this is the most common motorcycle accident scenario that I see. The car turns left in front of the motorcycle at an intersection. The motorcycle rider is lying on the ground injured, and the car driver says: “I never saw the motorcycle!”
BMW calls their new technology “Turn Left Assistant”. If your motorcycle is equipped with this device (I’m sure only on BMW’s for now) and the on board computer thinks the car in front will attempt to drive in front of it, the headlight increases in intensity, and every available light on the front of the bike lights up to help the rider stand out. If it calculates that the chance of a collision is high, the bike will also sound the horn.
As in all motorcycle improvements, once one manufacturer has a device as important as this one, they all follow suit. In my opinion, this is the biggest advance to motorcycle safety I have ever seen. Hopefully it comes out soon.
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