Hot Coffee!

I am sure many of you have heard about the “infamous” lawsuit where an elderly woman spills McDonald’s hot coffee in her lap and then sues McDonalds for her injuries. This case has been publicized around the country for years. People hear about it, without knowing the actual facts, and think “lawsuit abuse.”
What you don’t know is that this case was severely distorted by “big insurance” and the United States Chamber of Commerce (which is a lobby group for big business and not a government agency, as many think) to promote “tort reform”. What this means in a nutshell, is to limit you, as a citizen, to your access to the courts.
Some of you reading this may think that I am just being a lawyer, trying to show my view of these things. Well, the reason I am discussing this now, is that a new documentary was just released on HBO. As an informed citizen of the United States you need to see this. It’s on HBO ON DEMAND. The name of the film is “HOT COFFEE”. It documents not only the McDonald’s case, but others even more outrageous, where you will see how you are being manipulated by “big business” and “big insurance”.Simply go to the HBO page, then to “Documentaries” then to “FEATURE FILMS” and click on it.
I promise you that you will be shocked to see how “big business” is destroying your rights in this country. They’re using all their connections and all their money to wage war on the “little guy”. And they’re doing a damn good job of it.