Importance of Wearing a Helmet

As a motorcyclist, the most important thing you can do to ensure your safety is to wear a helmet. Countless studies and statistics have proven that helmets save lives and help prevent serious brain damage and head injuries. Regardless of where you are riding your motorcycle or what time of day it is, wearing a helmet is absolutely crucial for your safety and well-being.
To prove just how effective helmets are at saving lives, we’ve gathered some compelling statistics from the most recent data made available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • The NHTSA estimates that helmets helped saved the lives of 1,829 motorcyclists. The NHTSA also estimates that 823 more lives could have been saved if all motorcyclists wore helmets.
  • In 2008 there were 121 motorcycle accident fatalities in Michigan alone, and 12% of those riders were not wearing a helmet.
  • It has been estimated that helmets are 37% effective at preventing fatal injuries to motorcycle riders, and 41% effective for motorcycle passengers. This means that for every 100 motorcyclists killed in an accident without a helmet, 37 could have been saved if they had worn a helmet.

Equally important to wearing a helmet is the type of helmet you purchase. All motorcycle helmets sold in the United States are required to meet certain safety standards. Not only is it important to ensure the helmet you purchase meets all state and federal requirements, but it’s also important to ensure your helmet fits properly. An improper fit can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the helmet, increasing your chance of serious or fatal injury. Your helmet should fit snuggly around the top of your head and around your ears and the sides of your jaw. Once the helmet is on your head, it shouldn’t move or slide around. It’s also important to consider buying a new helmet every five years.
Although helmets are quite effective in reducing the risk of injury or death, a rider could still sustain a head injury in a motorcycle accident, as well as serious or catastrophic injuries to other areas of their body. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, and you think another person or entity is to blame, please take a moment to contact a Michigan motorcycle accident attorney at our office today by calling?1-800-MI-BIKER! We’d be happy to review the facts of your accident to determine if you have a valid motorcycle accident claim.