Indian Has a New Chief

Polaris Industries, manufacturer of Victory Motorcycles has purchased Indian. Indian was the first American motorcycle. The last “real” Indian was built in 1953. It then closed. There have been some other companies over the years that have attempted to bring Indian back, only to fail. Many of you will remember when some company acquired Indian, built the frame and the fenders and stuck an S & S motor in it. Didn’t work. They fooled nobody with that bike.
Victory will run Indian as a separate company. When asked if Victory would simply slap on a badge saying Indian to one of their bikes, Mark Blackwell, V.P., said “There is zero chance–make that zero, zero, ZERO chance. It will be a completely new and different bike. It has to be.”
That’s good news. I’d love to see REAL Indians on the road again. Oh, he also said that the last Indians were overpriced ($25,000-$30,000) and they were going to change that. Let’s hope this is all true, and what many people consider the most beautiful motorcycle ever made, will be back in business to stay.
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