Life’s Lessons

Having been a motorcycle rider for over 30 years, there are many basic values you learn or hear about that are shaped by being involved in motorcycling. Here are some that I think you may find interesting:
>Every day look for some small way to improve the way you do things-especially the way you ride.
>Invest in skill and knowledge. The returns are fantastic.
>Happiness is not dependant on possessions, power, or prestige but on relationships with people you love and respect-and your motorcycle.
>Measure people by the size of their hearts, not the size of their motorcycles.
>Never encourage anyone to become a politician-unless they ride a motorcycle.
>Smile a lot-but only if you have a visor on your helmet.
>Don’t carry a grudge-a motorcycle has no room for excess baggage.
>Get acquainted with a good lawyer, accountant and mechanic-the order in which you do this depends on how you ride.
>Love your fellow human being, but install an alarm on your motorcycle.
>Your epitaph should read “No regrets and lots of fun”.
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