Medical Benefits Paid After an Accident

You are entitled to medical benefits if you are involved in a motorcycle accident involving a motor vehicle, providing you carry insurance on your motorcycle. If you are riding uninsured, you lose your rights to these benefits.

The No-Fault Act requires that the no-fault insurer pay all reasonable necessary products, services and accommodations for an injured person’s care, recovery or rehabilitation arising out of a motor vehicle accident. The medical expenses are payable for life and are unlimited in amount. Medical benefits include such things as:

  • Hospital bills
  • Durable medical equipment (i.e., crutches, wheelchairs)
  • Doctor visits
  • Medical tests
  • Home modifications
  • Physical therapy
  • Home or residential care
  • Prescriptions
  • Prosthetic devices
  • Transportation to and from medical care

If you have been injured, contact a Michigan motorcycle accident attorney to get the help that you need.