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Motorcycle Accidents Only

Posted on Apr 19, 2010 12:44pm PDT


I have noticed over the last few years that almost every lawyer who does Personal Injury now claims to be a Michigan motorcycle accident specialist. Most of the time, if you look at their web sites, you will see that they are also?“specialists”?in Medical Malpractice, Truck Accidents, Dog Bites, Slip and Falls, Social Security, and on, and on. You would think that lawyers would have some idea what the word?“specialist”?means. You simply can’t be a specialist in?everything. But, there they are. Some of these lawyers have gone so far as to have dedicated web sites stating that they are specialists in Michigan motorcycle accidents. However, if you look past their dedicated web site, you will find all of the other areas that they are?“specialists”?in.
This office has specialized in Michigan motorcycle accident litigation for over 25 years. Our practice is limited to Michigan motorcycle accidents?only!
I have been a motorcycle rider since the late 60’s when I was a college student. I have owned Hondas, Triumphs, Yamahas, and Harley Davidsons. I have been riding Harley Davidsons since the mid-80’s. I currently own a 1987 Low Rider and a 2004 Road King.
I have recently seen a web site where one of these so-called?“motorcycle accident specialists”?in what I can only assume is referring to me, addresses the issue of?“lawyers who ride”. This guy states?“should it be important to you in choosing your motorcycle lawyer to have a lawyer who rides? – of course not”.?I beg to differ. Think about this situation:
You’re in an automobile accident and have serious injuries. You and your spouse contact an attorney to represent you. This lawyer expresses his interest in your case and has you sign the requisite documents. Immediately prior to your leaving his office, he states:?“I just thought that you should know that although I have no problem representing your interest, I have not only never driven an automobile, but I also never have been physically inside of one.”?My guess is that you would look at your spouse and state?“this is not the lawyer for us”.
A lawyer who rides not only understand you, but understands the mechanics of your motorcycle. We understand why, in certain instances, it is important to lay your bike down and why, in some instances, you shouldn’t. We understand that a high side accident is created when the motorcycle regains traction after beginning to skid and pitches the rider over the high side of the bike. We understand a low side accident is where the bike loses rear wheel traction, skids to the ground, with the rider remaining on the low side. In 1996, I myself, was involved in a motorcycle accident that put me in the hospital. Believe me, I know what it’s like!

We know that when entering an intersection where a car is waiting to make a left hand turn, you should not watch the car’s driver, but watch his left front wheel for movement. I have seen too many intersection motorcycle accidents where my client says “I was watching the driver, he was looking right at me, and then he turned when I got into the intersection”. They don’t see you! Don’t watch the driver for clues…watch that left front wheel!
We have been sending newsletters with motorcycle tips and safety information out to over 14,000 Michigan motorcycle riders for over 25 years. Most of these so-called motorcycle accident lawyers haven’t even been practicing law for 25 years.
I personally have an AV rating, which is the highest rating in Martindale Hubbell, presented by one’s peers. Recently, the magazine?“dbusiness”?rated the top lawyers in every field from“adoptions”?to?“zoning”. Under the heading of?“Personal Injury”, my name is first.
I am not aware of another lawyer in the State of Michigan that advertises motorcycle accidentsonly. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and have questions, please feel free to contact us at the number on this web site, 24/7. The call is free and the advice is free. If we take your case, there is no fee whatsoever, unless you receive a monetary recovery.




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