Motorcycle Apps

Many of you have smart phones. With these, we have the opportunity to install “apps”. For those of you riding bikes with a sound system, I have found a very cool app for i phones. It’s called “Cycle Sounds”. It’s $1.99. What it does is adjust the volume of what you’re listening to through your iPhone according to your speed. It uses the iPhone GPS to detect your speed and then adjust the volume of the music player. Just don’t keep your phone in your pants pocket. So, what you do is set a comfortable listening level while stopped and the volume will increase as your speed increases.
There’s even an app to help you study for your motorcycle endorsement test. It’s 99 cents. You can use it to download Michigan’s Motorcycle Manual, so that you can read it any time you like, along with over 150 questions. It’s called “Motorcycle Test.”
Lastly, there’s an app called Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Maps. It too is 99 cents. It provides you with scenic road trips all over the country. Rides average 100-300 miles. It has turn by turn directions as well as Best Western Hotel locations if you need to spend a night.
I’m sure there are many more. It’s always fun to search around for useful apps which make our lives a little easier. Hope some of you have some fun with these and find them useful.