“On Any Sunday”

It’s been 40 years since Bruce Brown, the guy who gave us “Endless Summer”, the movie that introduced so many people to surfing, filmed and distributed the motorcycle riding masterpiece “On Any Sunday.” The name comes from the fact that on any Sunday there’s some kind of motorcycle competition going on somewhere in the world.
Now that the weather has caused most of us (there’s always a few die hards) to put our bikes away for these many months, it might be interesting for some of you that haven’t, and some that have seen the film, to see it again. Much of the financing of the film came from the late actor, Steve McQueen, who could ride with the best of them. Check him out in the movie.
I have discovered that you can watch this movie for free on your computer by using HULU or YOU TUBE. No longer necessary to buy or rent it. Just punch it up and enjoy. Nice way to spend a snowy, cold afternoon while thinking about how long it’ll be before you can go out riding again.
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