Riding in the Rain

If you live in Michigan, there is no question that you will be, at some time, riding in the rain. It is unavoidable. I have some suggestions from a Harley Davidson Riders Edge Instructor:

  • Slow down and increase your safety margins. Increase your following distance and if possible, the distance of any bike behind you;
  • In the rain, certain road surfaces can become slick as ice: railroad tracks, manhole covers, crosswalks, bridge gratings, as well as wet leaves. To avoid losing control, do not brake or apply power to the rear wheels as you are passing over these things;
  • Make sure you cross railroad tracks at as close to a 90 degree angle as possible;
  • The most dangerous time to ride during a rain storm is during the first few minutes?especially if it hasn?t rained for a while. When the rain first starts, oil deposited in the roadway tends to float to the surface and create tiny oil slicks.

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