What do Hells Angels and Harley Davidson have in common?

Besides the fact that most members of Hells Angels ride Harley Davidson motorcycles, it seems that they both are fairly litigious. If you appropriate the Harley Davidson logo in any way, the corporation is quick to let you know that if you don’t pull it, they’ll sue you. And they will…in a heart beat.
Well, it seems that the Hells Angels feel the same way about their “brand”. The latest victim, it appears, of the Angel’s wrath is Amazon.com and a Hollywood fashion house, Wildfox. It seems that they were offering white t-shirts reading “My boyfriend’s a Hells Angel”. That is, they WERE, until a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court in San Francisco.
Over the years, the Hells Angels have filed lawsuits against Disney, Marvel Comics,Saks Fifth Avenue and Zappos for selling items that illegally used the Hells Angels name and death head design in rings, purses, scarves and dresses.
My problem is that I can’t understand WHY these “fashion houses” and Disney (??) would want to promote the Hells Angels in the first place??!! A little dose of reality would seem to be in order.