What is a Motorcycle Under Michigan Law?

I recently represented a rider in the Flint area who was injured by a “left turner” talking on a cell phone. He told me,(and the police officer) that his bike was a moped. It was a “step through” bike with a 150 cc motor. This created a bit of an issue at the beginning, because, although the police officer wrote on the accident report that it was a moped, it was not under Michigan law. It was a motorcycle. Both the client and the dealer who sold him the bike thought it was a moped
So, what is the definition of a motorcycle in Michigan according to the Dept of Motor Vehicles?
MOTORCYCLE—A two or three wheeled motor vehicle with a saddle or seat that produces more than 2.0 brake horsepower, and can attain a speed of greater than 30 mph on a level surface.
MOPED—A vehicle with an engine displacement of 50 cc or less, two brake horsepower or less, and is unable to reach?a speed of 30 mph or higher on a flat service.
So, if any of you buy your child a “moped” for Christmas, remember, if it’s over 50 cc, it’s classified as a motorcycle, and should be insured as such.
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