Whatever Floats Your Boat

Posted on Jul 5, 2012 1:52pm PDT


A Harley Davidson Softail with a Japanese license plate was recently found on a beach in British Columbia. It turns out that this motorcycle drifted for more than a year and over 4,000 miles from Japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami that had such a devastating effect on the country. It was discovered inside an insulated cargo container where it was stored by its owner prior to the earthquake.
The owner of this motorcycle was actually located in Japan. He has informed Harley Davidson that he would like to donate it to the Harley Davidson Museum in honor of those whose lives were lost. Bill Davidson, Vice President of the Harley Davidson Museum, said, “The Harley Davidson Museum is honored to receive this amazing motorcycle to ensure that its condition is preserved and can be displayed as a memorial to the Japan tsunami tragedy.”