Why Do I Ride?

I am sure many of you are asked “Why Do You Ride??”. There’s the old saying “If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand.” I recall reading once a magazine entitled “Robb Report Motorcycling” and reading an article that spoke to me as a motorcyclist. I have saved this article for some time and I?ll reprint some of it here:
?Motorcycling removes us from our everyday lives, uniting, in one stroke, body, mind, wind, and road. The sights, sounds and smells experienced from riding a motorcycle, gets us closer to the scenery and our surroundings.
The freedom and sense of individualism brought to us as motorcyclists, are somehow enhanced by the comradery shared with fellow riders. The bond among motorcyclists meeting on the road, is envied by others. Motorcycles deliver a pure and essential experience that moves each and every one of us in different ways that defy explanation.
Whether we ride at high speed on a sport bike, or whether we savor the experience of a tour bike; whether we revel in the comradery of the cruiser crowd, or the coolness of a custom chopper; the simple truth is that riding a motorcycle enhances all of the pleasures – intellectual, spiritual and sensual – that makes us feel truly alive.?
I wish I could remember that quote, word for word, so that every time someone I know or someone I meet asks me why I ride motorcycles, I could rattle off those words. It couldn?t be better said.
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