WOMEN AND MOTORCYCLING (it’s not just for guys anymore)

I read a lengthy article recently in the Detroit Free Press about women and motorcycles. I found it interesting enough that I thought I should put some of what I read up on my blog.
Women in Michigan are riding motorcycles in record numbers. In the past 10 years, the number of licensed Michigan bikers who are women has nearly doubled, form about 37,000 to 64,000.
While many women first learned to enjoy motorcycling sitting behind a man, today’s female biker doesn’t want to ask for rides anymore. She wants to choose when she’s going, where she’s going, and who she’s going with. Because of this upward trend in women bikers, there are new resources and groups to cater to this new biker.
There is an online magazine www.WomenRidersNow.com. There are female biker’s clubs, such as the
Free Spirit Chapter out of Motor City Power Sports in Bloomfield Hills, and Women in the Wind Chapters. In the Saginaw area there is “The Sirens Motorcycle Club.” It is at Clor Cycle. I personally can recommend this one, since I have known Ron and Jen Clor for over 20 years. You won’t meet nicer people. www.clorcycle.com
Some statistics:
Median age of female biker is 37.
40% of female bikers are married
36% of female bikers have a college or post graduate degree
25% of female bikers are business or health care professionals
58% of women take a motorcycle riding course compared to 44% of men.